Grow with GreenForce: Interview with Field Manager Nick Osiecki

We love seeing employees who are passionate about cannabis getting to grow their career and learn more about cultivation. That’s why we wanted to sit down with one of our newly promoted Field Managers, Nick Osiecki, and hear what it’s been like working and growing with GreenForce.
GreenForce: How did you hear about GreenForce?
Nick Osiecki: I applied through GreenForce to manage a dispensary and was told by Sun Lee they were going to go with someone else. He then offered me a job to work for GreenForce, which ended up being the better opportunity for me.
GF: Did you have prior experience in the field? If not, what do you think prepared you for cannabis?
NO: I worked at a dispensary. I had great sales numbers, made awesome connections with vendors and customers and did managerial like work.
GF: Why did you apply to GreenForce and what was your first role?
NO: Working at the dispensary made me fall in love with working with cannabis. The retail side of things was fun but I wanted the full cannabis experience and to see how things were done in the “back of house”. Once Sun Lee shined some light on me and explained what GF was about, I knew the time to jump ship had come and I made it happen. My first role was just a regular employee, harvesting for a great client of ours, Happy Cabbage.
GF: What has been your favorite experience working for GreenForce?
NO: In the summer of 2020, right after I had been promoted to Team Lead, GF launched their Southern Oregon campaign. I was sent down there for weeks at a time with a handful of employees to start up that area of the business. I worked for a couple of awesome outdoor farms, did awesome work with awesome people, and learned a ton from a former GF field manager. It was hard work, but I felt like I was on a work-cation and enjoyed every moment of it.
GF: What roles have you had at GreenForce?
NO: I’ve done it all. Gardening (my favorite), harvesting, trimming, processing, packaging, building (irrigation, grow beds, etc.). I started as an employee, was promoted to Team Lead after 3 months, and a year later I’m now a Field Manager.
GF: What is the most fun part of your job, day to day? What is the most challenging?
NO: The most fun part of my day is coming in with an awesome team and knocking out whatever our client needs help with. The most challenging part is waking up early at the crack of dawn!
GF: What qualities in yourself do you think helped you achieve success with GreenForce?
NO: The qualities I possess that have helped me achieve success with GreenForce are that I’m ambitious, a hard worker, and I want to make sure everyone is getting the best possible outcome (client, GF, coworkers). I came into the company knowing that I wanted to move up the ladder. I had my eye on the prize and made it happen. I’m a “can do, make it happen” kind of guy.
GF: How has GreenForce helped your career? What do you like best about your job and working for GreenForce?
NO: GreenForce has helped me gain a ton of experience working in the industry that I would not get anywhere else. The ability to go from farm to farm, business to business and do something different every week and sometimes daily is such a great way to learn how to work with cannabis, meet new people and make new memories. This is definitely my favorite part of working for GreenForce.

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