Grow with GreenForce: Interview with Production Manager Danielle Edwards

We know we’re doing something right when we get to watch our employees grow and thrive in their cannabis careers here at GreenForce Staffing. Danielle Edwards is one of our favorite examples! Recently promoted to a Production Manager, Danielle started with us and moved quickly into a Team Lead role and again into a Field Manager role after showing her dedication and interest in the world of cannabis. She’s had a variety of experiences in her roles, managed crews and worked at plenty of sites so we thought she would be a great person to chat with about what it’s been like working and growing at GreenForce.



GreenForce: How did you hear about GreenForce?
Danielle Edwards: I stumbled upon GreenForce after looking up different positions within the marijuana industry. Due to not having any experience it was frustrating trying to apply. I can’t remember exactly how I found GreenForce but the fact that GF was looking for/ hiring people who had no experience was a huge plus.


GF: Did you have prior experience in the field? If not, what do you think prepared you for cannabis?
DE: No experience. I had worked for the food industry for over 10 years and being able to transfer and adapt my skills didn’t seem daunting. Knowing that I was going to start from the bottom and being able to learn as I go was reassuring.


GF: Why did you apply to GreenForce and what was your first role?
DE:  I had applied because I was transferring out of the food industry and looking for a long-term position. Even though this industry is ever-changing (just like everything else), in that moment it was appealing that this industry was booming and thriving.


GF: What has been your favorite experience working for GreenForce?
DE: One of many good experiences with GF has been the attitude that each person and site holds. We all come from extremely different backgrounds and backstories. Us all being able to come together to learn is refreshing. Portland is an awesome hub for creativity and expression. So, working with all of the amazing diverse people in this business is a highlight of my position.


GF: What roles have you had at GreenForce?
DE: I was hired on as a “trimmer” and wanted to work all different angles of the industry, and since then have moved from a Lead, Field Manager to now Production Manager for GF.


GF: What is the most fun part of your job, day to day? What is the most challenging?
DE: One fun part of my job is being around the product. Knowing that each site operates differently, but still produces the same product. Each stain is diverse and all the variables that are factored into product the final product is quite intriguing.


GF: What qualities in yourself do you think helped you achieve success with Greenforce?
DE: I work well with people; I’ve been a trainer at multiple jobs, and I learn well on my feet. I’ve had good intuition when it comes to working well with others and trusting the people around you.  I may not have been the top pick for this position, but I’ve always followed through with my actions. This industry was going to be a big change due to my lack of knowledge of product, but being a qualified leader and trainer gave me confidence. I also asked a lot of questions and applied the skills I had in different situations such as project management, being able to plan big picture and complete a project with a wide variety of people. It’s about being able to solve the puzzle with the skills that you have, there’s no wrong way. It’s about learning the most efficient way of completing a task or project in time for the client.



GF: How has GreenForce helped your career?
DE: GF has helped open my eyes that there is more than a one path in a career. Growing up it was always about your dream career, now it’s about adapting your skills to further your journey. I’ve always thrived in leadership positions and training others to become better versions of themselves. My current position as a Production Manager allows for this very flexible situation of communicating and helping as the industry changes. That is something I never saw, but is now attainable with the proper skill set. It’s been a joy interacting with so many different people every day. I’ve always considered a “travel” job, but never envisioned something of this caliber. Knowing that each day is going to be different is exciting, it’s also a flexibility that I never thought was possible.


GF: What advice would you give to someone trying to break into a career in cannabis?
DE: As someone who was really green to this industry, I have a load of tips and tricks. Be open to everything, be willing to learn and have bad days. Not every site/ client is going to be your vibe and that’s ok. On the flip side I have a list of 15 sites I love to visit and see, each one is different and unique. Try everything. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was able to experience the plant from all angles my first few months. Everything from harvesting, planting, processing the product, trimming, packaging, even working in the edible kitchen. I told myself that I needed to learn something new every day. Talk to everyone (if possible). Be open to new procedures, processes, and people. Each person in this industry has crazy stories, journeys, and their own passions. With this industry/business so fresh it’s been enlightening seeing how everything operates. I come from a heavy business background so watching each site operate completely differently, but still be able to produce amazing product is beyond fascinating.


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