Meet Dillon Hinkle – GreenForce Arizona Recruiting Jedi

Meet Dillon Hinkle GreenForce Arizona – Recruiter Born and raised in the Valley, I am also known as the “Recruiting Jedi”. I joined GreenForce Arizona at the very beginning and have enjoyed every second of it. We are at the forefront of providing the Arizona Cannabis market with the talent and labor solutions needed to … Continued

Meet Kassi Kindlesparker

Meet Kassi Kindlesparker GreenForce Arizona – Operations Manager I am a midwestern girl who loves to travel, eat great food, and dance to good music. I settled in Hawaii for a decade before making my way to the valley. I led an incredible team of professionals in the culinary and F&B industry, alongside a renowned … Continued

What is GreenForce Staffing?

The Green Force Universe We often get asked how GreenForce Staffing works and we decided to create this GreenForce Universe infographic to show how we work with both partners and jobseekers to help businesses and candidates find the right solution.   Still have questions? Reach out to us!