Meet Dillon Hinkle – GreenForce Arizona Recruiting Jedi

Meet Dillon Hinkle GreenForce Arizona – Recruiter Born and raised in the Valley, I am also known as the “Recruiting Jedi”. I joined GreenForce Arizona at the very beginning and have enjoyed every second of it. We are at the forefront of providing the Arizona Cannabis market with the talent and labor solutions needed to … Continued

Meet Kassi Kindlesparker

Meet Kassi Kindlesparker GreenForce Arizona – Operations Manager I am a midwestern girl who loves to travel, eat great food, and dance to good music. I settled in Hawaii for a decade before making my way to the valley. I led an incredible team of professionals in the culinary and F&B industry, alongside a renowned … Continued

10buds Recommends GreenForce

GreenForce is a recommended company for Cannabis Employee Recruitment at 10buds. Check out their article “How to Manage Your Workforce with Cannabis HR” A site dedicated to all things cannabis, with a special focus on growing and cultivation, 10Buds is packed with fascinating and informative articles, resources, and reviews. Cannabis growers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals … Continued

Grow with GreenForce: Interview with Field Manager Nick Osiecki

We love seeing employees who are passionate about cannabis getting to grow their career and learn more about cultivation. That’s why we wanted to sit down with one of our newly promoted Field Managers, Nick Osiecki, and hear what it’s been like working and growing with GreenForce. GreenForce: How did you hear about GreenForce? Nick … Continued

Meet Verdant Leaf Farms: Cannabis Farming Done Sustainably

How can you elevate a cannabis farm from simply being productive to being sustainable? Not only do the crew over at Verdant Leaf answer this question, they make it their mission to cultivate and create the best cannabis products possible with the lowest environmental impact. They are a unique, earth conscious and a Certified Kind … Continued

Oregon Handlers Fund

Shortly after the murder of George Floyd, Raina Casey felt called to act within her community. She was determined to support Black owned cannabis businesses in Portland. With a thriving cannabis industry and an opportunity to create equity, this call to action lead Casey to get the Oregon Handlers Fund (OHF) off the ground and … Continued

Partner Highlight: HQ Farms

The GreenForce headquarters team got the opportunity to visit our partners over at HQFarms in Boring, Oregon. Having started their grow operation in 2010 serving medical patients cannabis, HQFarms has grown into providing high quality flower to both medical and recreational markets across the state. We got a chance to sit down with Camron Torabi … Continued

Staffing your Cannabis Business During COVID-19: Part 1

Shit is crazy right now. We’re facing labor challenges at a national level and specifically within the cannabis industry. Here’s what we’ve seen: A large reduction of internal staff and organizations going down to skeletal crews. A reduction in salaries, budgets and employee furloughs. All time Oregon Retail Sales numbers in March, April & May. … Continued