Cannabis Industry Insights

Staffing your Cannabis Business During COVID-19: Part 1

Shit is crazy right now. We’re facing labor challenges at a national level and specifically within the cannabis industry. Here’s what we’ve seen: A large reduction of internal staff and organizations going down to skeletal crews. A reduction in salaries, budgets and employee furloughs. All time Oregon Retail Sales numbers in March, April & May. … Continued

Why work with us?

Why work with GreenForce? Great question. We decided to create this infographic to show how we help Oregon cannabis businesses grow and thrive.   See something you may be interested in? Have questions for our team? Feel free to reach out to us or give us a call 503-707-3305 and we will be happy to … Continued

The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

What are the benefits of using a staffing agency? There are many challenges to operating a business in the post legalization cannabis space.  The most common challenge  is finding good, quality employees from the executive level to the boots on the ground employees. Another common hurdle is finding the right employee at the right time … Continued

Interview with GreenForce’s CEO Ryan Rosenfeld 

Turning your career into your passion isn’t always easy. You have to network, gain experience, find collaborative teams, look for a job you love, and work some jobs that aren’t a fit. All of these experiences are what influenced and shaped our CEO Ryan Rosenfeld and allowed him to turn his passion for the  plant into … Continued

How To Get Your Start in the Cannabis Industry

I’m Sun Lee, the Recruiting Manager here at GreenForce. One of the most common questions job seekers have for me is this: How can I get a job without having cannabis experience?  There are a variety of jobs in the cannabis industry, which makes answering this question tricky. Many jobs exist that do not require … Continued

What is GreenForce Staffing?

The Green Force Universe We often get asked how GreenForce Staffing works and we decided to create this GreenForce Universe infographic to show how we work with both partners and jobseekers to help businesses and candidates find the right solution.   Still have questions? Reach out to us!