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Experienced. Professional. Genuinely Helpful.

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GreenForce Advisory and Consultative Services » Powered By Green Garden Consulting

Experienced. Professional. Genuinely Helpful.

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To help you solve problems, increase quality and efficiencies, and solidify a vibrant company culture – by pragmatic and approachable means.

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General Troubleshooting and Risk Mitigation

We help remedy – and prevent – costly mistakes and waste.


Problem Solving

Bring us your issues, headaches, nightmares – even your shitstorms! We've likely seen worse. Or we know someone credible who has. We've got your back. We'll help rectify the situation.

Preventing Mistakes

We're rooted in data-driven decision-making and diligence based on facts. Collectively we've seen hundreds of operations, methodologies, successes – and failures. With expert foresight, we'll help safeguard you from missteps.

Identifying and Reducing Waste

Capital is a precious resource. No matter your status as an enterprise (pre- or post-revenue), identifying and reducing organizational waste is critical to success in volatile markets. We'll help you get – and remain – Lean.

Production Process Standardization and Optimization

We help increase CULTIVATION efficiencies, standards and internal synergy.


Horticultural Techniques

Collectively we've been directly involved in hundreds of cycles of THC- and hemp-cannabis production batches. We’re big on Best Practices at every step along the cultivation value stream. If you want bedrock scientific, efficient and workflow-conscious approaches to growing plants at your operation, we’re here to help!


It all starts here. And consistent, standardized – hygienic – procedures mean not just higher success rates, but higher uniform quality right out of the gate! We help customize propagation plans and practices to any facility. We help stabilize inconsistent propagation output. We help troubleshoot failures.

Up-potting / Transplanting

Often overlooked or deemed ‘just a transplant job,’ these moments are critical. Proper internal procedures ensure uniformity of plant health and quality during bumpy events. With tailored SOPs we help eliminate transplant shock and production slow-downs. We also help fortify IPM strategy at vulnerable touchpoints.

Canopy Management

Pinching, pruning, training, thinning, defoliating… When to do what; what to do when – and HOW to do what? We help make sense of it all. We help standardize techniques, timelines and vocabulary across your organization to support high quality and yield goals.


Best Practices and conscientious workflow for both plants and humans. We help customize harvest plans to any plant production site or scenario. With special attention to preserving quality of both product and flow, we help get that crop down carefully and expediently – every time.

Post-Production Process Standardization and Optimization

We help increase PROCESSING efficiencies, standards and internal synergy.


Drying & Curing

Conditions, duration, monitoring – all impact the quality you've worked so hard to produce. Professional, standardized internal procedures ensure consistency. Precision monitoring and data-tracking guarantee quality. We help dial it all in.

Trimming / Manicuring

We’ve developed granular internal metrics and KPIs directly related to processing throughput and quality. We help with the details and cosmetics. Uniformity can be elusive among crews. We help implement clear consistency standards, strategic automations, and reliable quality control.


Methods, monitoring, handling and systemization. More organization and fewer touch points guarantee optimum quality for our beloved consumers. Preservation of nose, freshness and color are a must. We help develop and adapt Best Practices to your operation.


How fast, how consistent? Are we hitting our quantity AND quality goals? What's the retailer or customer feedback? We want real data to drive packaging Best Practices and timelines. We help integrate external KPIs, internal throughput, SOPs and quality assurance.

Human Resources and Culture

We help build, train and retain the right team.


Effective Recruiting and Onboarding

We are HR specialists in a nuanced industry. We understand the steps it takes to find committed and best-fit talent regardless of the role. We help create highly coordinated and accountable roles and responsibilities. We help hone your recruitment process to reduce turnover. We help create internal onboarding procedures to retain the gems that you find!

Professional Training

We are operations management and organizational culture experts in a unique industry. From entry-level to management and beyond, we've got you covered! We help develop professional – effective – internal training resources. We offer direct training and coaching services. We celebrate contemporary leadership principles and genuine implementation and follow-through.

Team Management and Organization

Workforce assessments, workflow versus workforce audits, general team scheduling and organization – it can all be a chore. But this is our jam! We help determine accurate workforce needs based on the size and cadence of your operation. We help organize staffing needs correlated to workflow and work bubbles. We help create high-resolution, professional internal labor forecasting tools so you're always prepared, yet always cost-conscious.

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