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GreenForce is introducing a new pricing structure to support and engage with the Oregon cannabis industry. The pricing plan offers a progressive rate over the initial 90 days for both new and past clients. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing structure:

1. **First 30 Days:**
– Hourly Billing Rate: $25.50

2. **Next 30 Days (31-60 days):**
– Hourly Billing Rate: $26.50

3. **After 60 Days (61 days onwards):**
– Normal Billing Rate: $27.50

This approach provides an incentive for partner re-engagement and offers continued rate relief based on the business volume. Clients can enjoy a lower hourly rate during the initial period, gradually stepping up to the standard rate after the first 60 days.


GreenForce is also implementing a tiered pricing structure based on weekly billed hours for all partners. The structure consists of four pricing buckets, each offering a different hourly rate based on the number of billed hours. Here’s the breakdown

1. **Under 160 Hours:**
– Hourly Billing Rate: $27.50

2. **160 to 320 Hours:**
– Hourly Billing Rate: $26.50

3. **320 to 480 Hours:**
– Hourly Billing Rate: $26.00

4. **480+ Hours:**
– Hourly Billing Rate: $25.50

This approach encourages clients to increase their billed hours, offering progressively lower rates as they reach higher thresholds. It not only rewards clients for their ongoing engagement but also provides an incentive for businesses to increase their usage of GreenForce services. This tiered structure can contribute to building stronger and more long-term relationships with clients in the Oregon cannabis industry.

* Clients with multiple locations will qualify based on the total sum of hours from the combined locations.

* Client must be in current standing with all open invoices.