GreenForce is the premier cannabis labor solutions company. We partner with some of the top companies to provide them with labor solutions including harvest support, trimming, packaging, edible and pre-roll production, to recruiting for Director of Sales, CPAs and budtenders. If it's a job in the cannabis industry, we can find you a solution. We also have helped many people get their foot in the door with no experience that have lead to permanent placements with one of our industry partners.
VISION - Promoting growth in the cannabis industry from seed to smile MISSION - Partnering with dynamic cannabis organizations as the go-to solution for professional staffing services VALUES - We Cultivate COMMUNITY - We value the diversity of our communities and are committed to treating our clients, employees, and candidates with compassion and respect We Embrace ADAPTABILITY - We prioritize learning and development with our clients and employees to provide industry solutions. We are RELIABLE - We are trustworthy, prepared, and consistent. GreenForce Vision - Mission - Values .
All employees in the Oregon Recreational Cannabis Industry are required by the State of Oregon to have a valid OLCC Marijuana Worker Permit. Check out the OLCC Worker Permit here.
All employees in the Arizona Recreational Cannabis Industry are required by the State of Arizona to have a valid Facility Agent Card.
All employees in the Recreational Cannabis Industry need to be at least 21 years old or older. There is no upper age limit, GreenForce employs people from 21-70 years in age.
Employees: Working with GreenForce is a way to enter the industry and develop the skills needed for a career in cannabis. We allow our employees flexibility in scheduling. Whether you're looking for a short term or long term placement solution, we're here for you!

Partners: We are a long term labor solution for our partners. We ensure compliant labor that follows the partners protocols to ensure a high quality product. We free up the time needed to recruit, interview, hire and schedule employees, we can even run their payroll. We also save our partners money from paying Workers' Comp Insurance and payroll taxes.
The most common thing our Recruiting Manager hears is, "I've applied everywhere, but no one has called me back." GreenForce has well established partnerships with leading cannabis industry businesses and can open doors for applicants with ease. Due to our partnerships, employees of GreenForce are able to build their cannabis network for future opportunities. Our employees are not independent contractors, we cover your Workers' Comp Insurance, you will receive a W2 at the end of the year to file your taxes. You will not need to figure out an IRS 1099 Tax Form nor will you be hit with a large tax bill in April. GreenForce also offers flexible scheduling for our employees.

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